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SA 6400 on rx8620 supported, but isn't working

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Occasional Contributor

SA 6400 on rx8620 supported, but isn't working

We are going to replace Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 on rx8620 servers.
Currently we are using boot controllers SA 5302,
but they are not supported under Windows 2008
(HP documentation says so)
Clean cabinet was dedicated, no running OS.
Cabinet firmware has been upgraded to version 5.1,
SA 6400 Fw was upgraded too, using SmartSetup 6.
While controller was not connected to internal disks
(just plugged into PCI slot 8, as prescribed), everything was fine,
Blue heartbeat flashing and green healthy indicators .
After connecting intenal disks (well again according Cabling guide,
using HP cables A7027-63003 ) there is an error
HP Smart Array 6400-48 Controller
1783-Drive Array Controller Failure!
[Controller self-test failure (Failure Code = 0092)]

and by no means we were not able to use this
SA 6400 at all.
I've been dealing with Integrity servers since 2005,
but this is the first time I've met such problem.
Anyone knows what this error code is about ?
If somebody had such problem or guess what is wrong,
please help us.

Regards, Vladislavas.
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Re: SA 6400 on rx8620 supported, but isn't working

Sorry bad news...

Looks like the internal drives are not supported on rx8620 with SA 6404/6402 per the matrix available at

I don't see any details of the error code 0092 on the public domain. But since the internal disks are not supported, maybe the code indicates the same.

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Re: SA 6400 on rx8620 supported, but isn't working

I think you are right, according to the matrix, SA 6400 is not supporting internal drives;
We have succesfully launched Winddows 2008 on SA 5300. The only discouraging moment is
that SA 5300 is not HP oficially supported under Windows 2008 (as this document states).
But I think it's just outdated information and will be updated in a future.