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SD2 Network I/O

Occasional Advisor

SD2 Network I/O

I am planning the network design for our new SD2.

It has two blades (so far) and two interconnect modules (PC6120XG switches)

Each blade has four backplane 10Gb ports that connect two each to each interconnect.

Two primary, two standby. One of each to each switch from each blade

I understand how to assign I/O resources with NICs by H/W address.

The config on the switches seems only concerned with the 24 physical ports (16 downlinks, 8 uplinks)

Or 8 total in this case (two per blade per switch).

I intend on creating 4 vPars on each blade (8 total).

Using APA, that's 16 virtual Ethernet connections (8 primary, 8 standby)

I don't understand how to present virtual I/O resources from the switches to the vPars

How do I map 8 physical ports to 16 virtual Ethernet connections?

By default, there is only one VLAN on each switch.

Do we have to create multiple VLANs on each switch? Uplink EtherChannel primary, Uplink EtherChannel standby, Downlink primary, Downlink standby on each switch?

How do you present the VLANs to the vPars?