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SPU power off.

randy christian
Occasional Contributor

SPU power off.

I have an issue with an RP 4640 2way with Itanium 1.5Ghz processors. I tried to install
2 new 1.5Ghz cpu's, when I added power to the
box I could not get power turned back on.
I kept seeing SPU power off, I would try to
turn power on via the Admin menu and it would tell me the power was on however when I tried to do a reset I would get SPU power off.

I then removed the new CPU's and everything came back fine.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Could it be a possible Firmware missmatch???



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Re: SPU power off.

Is it same type of CPU with others like in speed ? Check for Firmware. It might be the problem.
randy christian
Occasional Contributor

Re: SPU power off.

Yeah the the server currently has a pair of
1.5 Ghz cpu's in it and that is what I was
trying to add was another pair of 1.5ghz cpu's.

Yeah that is what I was wondering "firmware"
being the culprit. How can I check the rev
level on the NEW cpu's to be sure they are
the same as what's on the cpu's already in

I did notice a REV A sticker on the new ones.
But that was after I had removed them. I had
run up against my downtime window for this
server and had to get it back on line.

I am trying to determin what to look for when
I try to reschedule more downtime.

Thanks again
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: SPU power off.

HP releases parts with the latest reccommended firmware levels. So you'll be updating the first two. Try STM or CSTM to get the CPU versions.

echo "map sel dev 1;info;wait;il" | cstm
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Re: SPU power off.

I would suggest you will install new CPU modules one by one. If the first one fails to turn on the DC power, remove it, then install another one. The reason that the system cannot turn on the DC power should be logged in FPL and or SEL.

You can verify the CPU module information with the MP DF command. However, the firmware cannot read the information from the CPU modules unless the DC power is applied to the CPU modules.

If you purchased new CPU modules from HP, you can report your problem to HP support center and request them a troubleshooting.