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Secure Web Console (Web Version) Doesn't Work

Craig Johnson_1
Regular Advisor

Secure Web Console (Web Version) Doesn't Work

We can telnet to the web console LAN port without issue, but if we try to go to https://webconsole-ip we get "Page cannot be displayed". ???? This worked before.

We reset the LC device via CM/XD. Didn't help.

This is an rx6600 running 11.23.

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Re: Secure Web Console (Web Version) Doesn't Work

The message "Page cannot be displayed" apperance indicates that the iLO MP is not accepting the SSL connections.

I would check if the SSL Web access is enabled and SSL certificate status in the SA and SO options. If the SSL certificate is expired, you may need to create one and with subsequent reset of the iLO MP.
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Re: Secure Web Console (Web Version) Doesn't Work

check this:

MP:CM> sa

This command displays and allows modification of access parameters.

T - Telnet access : Enabled.
H - SSH access : Disabled.
W - Web Console : Enabled (SSL NOT active).
N - Network Diagnostics : Disabled.
D - DIAG Menu : Disabled.
I - IPMI Lan access : Enabled.
G - Windows Debug : Disabled.
S - SNMP : Disabled.

Select access mode to change (q to quit) :

Hope this helps!

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