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Securing LAN Console On HP-UX Servers

Amit Dixit_2
Regular Advisor

Securing LAN Console On HP-UX Servers

I am having IA-64 Based HP-UX servers with LAN Console I want to configure them so that I can access them through LAN but I am mostly concerned with the security part tell me what should I do.

Victor Fridyev
Honored Contributor

Re: Securing LAN Console On HP-UX Servers


Lan console is really security problem. I'm not sure you can resolve it 100%, but in order to decrease the danger:
1. Define a user/password for lan console access with a maximum of security features (SO).
2. Create a different subnet and manage an access to it by a firewall or by an access list in a router or don't define default router at all and connect only your computer to the subnet.
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