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Serial console boot messages

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Serial console boot messages


I installed RH Advanced Workstation, and configured the OS and EFI to use Serial port as its console, I am able to get login prompt and to see the EFI boot manager and some first boot messages on the console, yet during the boot and starting from initrd startup, all messages do not appear on the serial console, and the string "ATI9" is written to the console instead
Can anyone help here
Joerg-Udo Werner
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Re: Serial console boot messages

You need to tell the kernel about the serial console.

Manualy you can do it from the elilo prompt:

ELILO boot: linux "console=ttys0"

If you like to see the messages on every boot you can add the following line in the elili.conf file:


Hope this helps!
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Re: Serial console boot messages

I already have it and as mentioned I do have the output directed to Serial including the login prompt (agetty), still during the boot, exactly when initrd starts it stops writting msgs to the Serial output, instead it writes "ATI9", when boot is finished it will prompt for login again.

Have you ran into such issue?