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Server 2008 on Itanium RX2600

Andrew Fram
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Server 2008 on Itanium RX2600

Does Server 2008 run on an Itanium Integrity rx2600 server? I noticed it is not mentioned on the support/drivers pages on the HP site.

I tried to install it, and it gets as far as the reboot after the "completing installation" and then hangs when it tries to start up. I thought this was indicative of a hardware incompatibility, but not sure.
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Re: Server 2008 on Itanium RX2600


In the quickspec of rx2600, i do not see windows 2008.

In the HP Integrity Servers with Microsoft® Windows Server⠢ 2008 for Itanium-Based, the rx2600 is not implemented, but with the rx2660 you could do the installation

The rx2660 is compatible.