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Servers diference


Servers diference

HI all,

im going to buy a new server, it going to have a (rx6600)(2 x 1.42GHz/12MB dual-core processor module (Montvale))

the actual server have rx3600:

--> machinfo
CPU info:
Number of CPUs = 4
Clock speed = 1595 MHz
Bus speed = 532 MT/s
CPUID registers
vendor information = "GenuineIntel"
processor family: 32 Intel(R) Itanium 2 9000 series
processor model:0 Intel(R) Itanium 2 9000 series
processor revision: 7 Stepping C2
largest CPUID reg: 4
Cache info (per core):
L1 Instruction:size = 16 KB, associativity = 4
L1 Data: size = 16 KB, associativity = 4
L2 Instruction:size = 1024 KB,associativity = 8
L2 Data: size =256 KB, associativity = 8
L3 Unified: size =9216 KB, associativity= 9

The question is:

1. wich of the processors is better??

2. if all the transaction that run in the server (rx3600) that have the second processor posted (montecito) are taking 100% of the total capacity, in the first one (rx600, montvale) how much going to take??
Steve Reece_3
Trusted Contributor

Re: Servers diference

Hey Geyson,

If you actually need straight line speed, the CPUs in the rx3600 would be better, though you can have only two of them in the rx3600 rather than four in the rx6600.

In general terms, the rx6600 might be considered a better box, but only from the view that it can take more memory and more CPUs. The expansion is roughly similar with the IO card cages they have. The rx3600 is cheaper though, so cost can be a driver in going for that.

You don't say if this is a personal system or a corporate one. If I were to be buying a system for my employers, I'd be looking at blades instead since the future upgrade path may well force you that way anyway.


Re: Servers diference

Thanks Steve,

I have a corporate system, i have SAP system with an Oracle database. The think is that im feeling slowly my rx3600 with (Montecito, and 24 GB ram), thats the reason why im going to buy a new server that going to have Monvale processor, and 52 GB ram).