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Smart array 5302 in RX2600 running Redhat

Mark Smithers
Regular Advisor

Smart array 5302 in RX2600 running Redhat

I have installed a Smart Array 5302 to provide RAID 1/0 for my OS disks in a RX2600 and on boot up I get the following error/warning message.

HP Smart Array 5302-128 Controller (version 3.54) 1 Logical Drive
1775-Drive Array - ProLiant Storage Enclosure Not Responding
SCSI Port 1: Check storage enclosure power switch and cables.
Turn system power OFF while checking ProLiant power and cable
connections, then turn system power back ON to retry.

Press "F1" to continue...

Everything seems to be working OK, but I was wondering what this message means and what I can do to stop it from occuring.

Any ideas?


Laurent HOLKA
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smart array 5302 in RX2600 running Redhat

Hi Mark,

Where does your SA5302 come from ? I mean is it a card you have on Proliant (with Proliant reference) or is it a card you buy with an Integrity reference (A9825A). If you are in the first case you will have to update your SA firmware and perhaps your EFI Drivers. Have you the SA F8 request key at the EFI Boot to configure your SA5302 ?