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Superdome 2 expansion options

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Superdome 2 expansion options

We currently have a Superdome 2 server with 3 i2 blades configured in 1 partition. We need more processor power, so we are wondering about our options. Can we still purchase i2 blades or only i4? Can an i4 blade be configured into the same partition as existing i2 blades? Can i2 blades by upgraded with the new i4 processors? Can i2 blades be traded-in for i4 blades?


Randolph Knippel


Re: Superdome 2 expansion options

Hi Randolph,

Yes you can still purchase SD2 i2 cell-blades from HPE Renew.

You cannot mix i2 & i4 cell-blades in the same nPar, but you can have i2 & i4 blades in seperate nPars within the same enclosure.

i2 cell-blades cannot be upgraded with the i4 processors.

Trade-ins are no longer available, so you need to speak nicely to your HPE Sales guy to get some nice discount. As HP-UX licenses are "per-Socket" based there is no additional license cost to go from 1x i2 socket (4cores) to 1x i4 socket ( 8cores), so long as you are covered by a HPE Software Support Updates contract.

Note that the biggest nPars in a SD2-8S is 8sockets, SD2-16S is 16 sockets.

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