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Syslog CIM Alerts for HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider

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Syslog CIM Alerts for HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider

Hello Everyone,


We are having couple of integrity systems with 11.31, We are receiving the following kind of messages often on HPUX system.


Anybody can explain and get over such kind of messsages ?


Message : "CIM Indication (default format):ProviderName = HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider, PerceivedSeverity = 6, EventID = 206


When i checked the all CIM provider status its showing OK for each provider, But when checked status of HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider gives the following message, Then we installed "HP-UX WBEM SCSI Provider " Still we are getting same alerts. Can anyone expedite this message?


*&*&*(&:/root> cimprovider -lm HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider
PGC00621: Specified provider is not registered.


*&*&*(&:/root> cimprovider -ls
MODULE                                    STATUS
OperatingSystemModule                     OK
ComputerSystemModule                      OK
ProcessModule                             OK
IPProviderModule                          OK
DNSProviderModule                         OK
NTPProviderModule                         OK
NISProviderModule                         OK
SDProviderModule                          OK
IOTreeModule                              OK
SGProvidersModule                         OK
HP_NParProviderModule                     OK
HP_ResParProviderModule                   OK
HPUXSCSIProviderModule                    OK
HP_VParProviderModule                     OK
FSProviderModule                          OK
HPUXLANProviderModule                     OK
HP_iCODProviderModule                     OK
HP_iCAPProviderModule                     OK
HP_GiCAPProviderModule                    OK
HP_OLOSProviderModule                     OK
HP_UtilizationProviderModule              OK
HPVMProviderModule                        OK
HPUXLVMProviderModule                     OK
EMSHAProviderModule                       OK
Hewlett-Packard:CDM-ProvidersModule       OK
SFMProviderModule                         OK
HPUXStorageIndicationProviderModule       OK
HPUXStorageNativeProviderModule           OK
HPUXFCCSProviderModule                    OK
HPUXFCIndicationProviderModule            OK
HPUXFCNativeIndicationProviderModule      OK
HPUXFCProviderModule                      OK

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Re: Syslog CIM Alerts for HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider

Event ID 206 for the HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider is "Target path has gone offline".


If you have unpresented some LUNs or disconnected some storage hardware, you should use the rmsf command to tell the system that those storage paths/devices have been intentionally removed and won't be expected to come back. If your HP-UX 11.31 system is otherwise OK, "rmsf -x" is an easy way to remove all stale device paths from the system configuration.


The list of Event IDs is here:


This document might be useful too:


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Re: Syslog CIM Alerts for HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider

Thanks for you prompt reply,


Can you help me to get the name of target path from "identification identifier" for below message :


"CIM Indication (default format):IndicationIdentifier = 2067220120719114137, ProviderName = HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider, PerceivedSeverity = 6, EventID = 206"



Uday Joshi

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Re: Syslog CIM Alerts for HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider

For expample of the below message :


"Jul 14 21:27:17 hostname CIM Indication[1853]: Indication (default format):IndicationIdentifier = 2065420120714212717, ProviderName = HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider, PerceivedSeverity = 6, EventID = 206"


The IndicationIdentifier = 2065420120714212717 , I gues it means : 206 = Event ID , 54 = ?? , 2012 = Year , 07 = Month , 14 = Date , 21 = hours , 27 = minutes , 17 = seconds.


Also for this :


"Jul 14 17:52:21 hostname CIM Indication[1853]: Indication (default format):IndicationIdentifier = 634620120714175221, ProviderName = HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider, PerceivedSeverity = 6, EventID = 63"


the IndicationIdentifier = 634620120714175221 , I gues it means : 63 = Event ID , 46 = ?? , 2012 = year , 07 = month , 14 =date , 17 = hours , 52 = minutes , 21 seconds.


But what does 54 and 46 in above message means ? I need to find out device name for which CIM alert is generated.

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Re: Syslog CIM Alerts for HPUXESCSIIndicationProvider

As described in the second document I linked, the IndicationIdentifier is supposed to be just an unique identifier that allows you to point at a particular event. With some specific indication providers it might be decodable, but you should not generally assume that.


To find the device name using CIM, you should use some CIM/WBEM tools to find the indication identified by the IndicationIdentifier, then read the AlertingManagedElement property of the indication. The CIM alert in the syslog is just a small part of the actual event information: the primary purpose of the CIM indications is to be processed further using some CIM/WBEM monitoring tools. The syslog message is there mostly to confirm that a WBEM indication *was* generated, in case there is reason for doubt.


One of these tools is the System Management Homepage: point your web browser to hostname:2301 and log in to access it. It might be able to tell you more.


Or if you are not trying to get the information specifically through CIM but are just a sysadmin trying to fix what is broken, running "ioscan -m lun" and looking for bad health keywords "offline", "unusable" or "limited" would be a good first step. It would give you the hardware path(s) of the failing LUNpath(s), and the name(s) of the associated agile device(s).  From the hardware paths you can identify the HBA that connects the failing LUN paths to the system. If you neeed the legacy-style device names, "ioscan -m dsf" will give you a translation table.