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UPS for HP Itanium

Qamar Alam

UPS for HP Itanium

Pleas give me specs for UPS for HP Itanium Integrity Server RX3600 and RX3800.

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Re: UPS for HP Itanium


what is a "rx3800"?

For the rx3600 server you probably need something like the R6000 UPS, see

Consult your sales rep.

Hope this helps!

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Re: UPS for HP Itanium

The specs are almost certainly "wrong," if you are looking to size a UPS for the box.

That is, the specs will tell you the peak values for a fully-configured system, and not the actual values. You'll likely end up with a significantly over-sized UPS. Folks can end up with over-sized cooling the same way.

Non-contact amperage meters (ammeters) are widely available, and are quite inexpensive. These devices have a set of pincers, and you close the pincers around the power cord while the system is powered and running. There is no electrical contact made. Most any electrical supply store or electrician will have one of these available. Using this ammeter to measure the running power requirements for the system, you can size your UPS more directly -- and potentially saving yourself some money in the process.

I've posted a few topics on UPS devices over at the new HoffmanLabs web site, as various equipment is configured using these devices. The "power" keyword is

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC