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USB to PS/2 adapter and no keyboard on rx2620

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Joseph Kang

USB to PS/2 adapter and no keyboard on rx2620

I've tried several searches but didn't see any obvious answers to my following problem.

I have an rx2620. I'm attempting to use the server through a Dell-branded PS/2 KVM using a USB-to-PS/2 adapter for the keyboard and mouse.

When I power the system up, I get video and I am able to use the mouse, but I have no keyboard. I am seeing this behavior both in the EFI and after the OS (RHEL AS4 in this case) has loaded.

The adapter appears to be working as I can use both the KVM keyboard and mouse when I connect it to another non-HP server or workstation.

Any thoughts on what the problem might be?
Sandy Chen
Honored Contributor

Re: USB to PS/2 adapter and no keyboard on rx2620


I've experienced this once not with a Dell branded, but other brand, and the result from the response center, the supported output/input devices are:

Video Monitors (Optional -- Max 1)
HP L1940 LCD 19" Flat Panel monitor
HP L1740 17" TFT Monitor
HP L1506" 15" Flt Panel Monitor
Keyboard/Mouse (Optional)
USB keyboard and USB scroll mouse.
USB Keyboard & Mouse for OpenVMS

as a workaround I didn't use the kvm, instead I use usb mouse & keyboard. I think the problem is on the USB-to-PS/2 converter

I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.
Marcel Burggraeve
Trusted Contributor

Re: USB to PS/2 adapter and no keyboard on rx2620

I've been told by a HP engineer once that even though the connection looks like standard USB it isn't 100% compatible.
When you eg unplug the mouse and plug it back in while using CDE you'll end up with a 'dead' mouse while on a PC people are used to having it work again after plugging it in.
Rebooting would resurrect the mouse again (never tried if there's another option)
That was in the time when they started with USB connections on the HP9000 workstations.
The same goes probably for the Integrity systems as well.

I've also experienced weird problems with non HP mice and keyboard on such USB connections so I'm not that surprised by the problems you have with that particular KVM device.
Joseph Kang

Re: USB to PS/2 adapter and no keyboard on rx2620

Thanks to the both of you for your replies!

After some discussion here, it appears that this may be a moot point as most users will access the system remotely. Any access needed on the physical console can be duplicated through the management processor.