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Uable to install HP-UX 11.23 on rx1600

Occasional Contributor

Uable to install HP-UX 11.23 on rx1600


I was trying to install HP-UX 11.23 Dec. 2007 on my rx1600(1 CPU 1.5GMEM 36GB), i managed to upgrade the system firmware to the latest version 4.27, the installation process is completed with no error message, but hang there over the night at the last step:making a kernel, anybody has any suggestions?
here is message:

* Summary of Execution Phase:
* 191 of 191 filesets had no Errors or Warnings.
* The Execution Phase succeeded.

======= 12/31/97 21:21:30 EST END install AGENT SESSION (pid=13842)

* Software installation of this source (B3920 11.23 Foundation OE: DVD2)
is complete.
NOTE: tlinstall is searching filesystem - please be patient
NOTE: Successfully completed
* Loading_software: Complete
* Build_Kernel: Begin
* Building a new kernel using the command: "/usr/sbin/mk_kernel -f -o
NOTE: File system cache and transaction logging could not be disabled
for the '/stand' file system. The currently requested
operation may take much longer time than normal to complete.
* Building a new kernel for configuration 'import.config'...