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Unclaimed Infiniband Driver


Unclaimed Infiniband Driver

I have 6 2620s running 11i v2 with identical Infiniband cards and one of them had the OS reloaded but is not loading the driver at boot. The boot error is:

HP-InfiniBand: /ux/core/isu/IBand/kern/src/common/ib_tvr/ib_tvr_cmd_iface.c: 107
4: : Warning: CMD:1, Time:0 usec, status:7
HP-InfiniBand: /ux/core/isu/IBand/kern/src/common/ib_tvr/ib_tvr_drv.c: 18616: :
sys enable ERROR: 7

The driver on the other systems is "IB4X-00 B.11.23.08" and the system with the UNCLAIMED driver is "IB4X-00 B.11.23.09".

I could not find the "08" driver but the OS is from the latest media. Durring the driver install the selection was marked "partial" before it created the kernel build.

Is there firmware on the card that may have been corrupted? Any ideas?

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Re: Unclaimed Infiniband Driver

Depending on the type of InfiniBand adapter being used, check the support matrix available at for required patches.

Did you check why the driver selection was "partial" during swinstall?

Re: Unclaimed Infiniband Driver

I do not see the card on that list but it is a HP 380299-B21 that was on the matrix when I ordered the systems and they were working.

My memory was that this is the field replacement number for the AB286A that is on the list.

They have been working for some time with the Sept 05 media and this is 07 media I will check the patch level just in case it was left out.

On the boot up menu the MP firmware version has question marks so it seemed like that would be a good place to start.

If someone could cross-reference that number and tell me if the firmware needs updated I will double check the patch level.
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Re: Unclaimed Infiniband Driver

The card is AB286A (model number) and its part number as 380299-B21

There is a 11.23 patch PHKL_31226 related to this HCA. But I guess it should have been installed with the new OS , maybe you want to verify it though.

Not sure about the MP firmware version being shown as ????. Can you post what you see ?

Re: Unclaimed Infiniband Driver

Those patches referenced in that link are for IPoIB use only, I can not imagine why they would cause the driver to not be detected.

There may however be a better source to verify prequuesites but I seroiusly don't understand why it would have been so difficult now one this one 1620 and not on 5 others with a lower media revision.

Regardless I went ahaed and downloaded those specific patches you sent me but investigating them they were superceded by newer patches included in the Sept 04 release. I tried to install the regardless and the error was:

The prerequisite "UserLicense.UNL-USER,fa=HP-UX_B.11.23_IA"
for fileset "PHKL_31500.CORE2-KRN,r=1.0" cannot be
successfully resolved

These specific lower level patches are not on the older working systems so I am going to assume it is not a patch issue unless I can resolve the user license issue.

Re: Unclaimed Infiniband Driver

That resolution is close to the issue I am having but if you do a search on that patch it is included in the sept 04 release and is also part of the PHKL_31500.

Alsthough when I do a "swlist -l product 'PH??_*' | grep -i PHKL_31226" I do not see it.

I am begining to think I have a bad card. Is there firmware actualy on the card that gets flashed?

Re: Unclaimed Infiniband Driver

Resolved. I replaced the card and everything is working. I had replaced the card twice already and it is odd that I have two cards that died at the same time.

Maybe it was not seated properly in the slot.

Anyway thanks for responding,

Re: Unclaimed Infiniband Driver

Bad IB card