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Unplanned shutdown - rx600

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Unplanned shutdown - rx600

Hi everybody,
This morning when i've been listed my servers log(rx6600) and i've found this warning logs:

HP-UX_BOOT_COMPLETE 02 Jun 2010 03:37:45
BOOT_SWITCH_INSECURE_MODE 02 Jun 2010 03:35:42
BOOT_REBOOT 02 Jun 2010 03:35:03
SOFT_RESET 02 Jun 2010 03:34:50
HP-UX_OS_NORMAL_SHUTDOWN 02 Jun 2010 03:34:43

where can i find due of what server went down and startup? I checked up UPS's log and there are these errors:

06/03/2010 03:20:25
UPS: No longer on battery power.
06/03/2010 03:20:24
UPS: An input voltage or frequency problem no longer prevents switching to bypass mode.
06/03/2010 03:20:23
UPS: On battery power in response to rapid change of input.
06/03/2010 03:20:23
UPS: Bypass not in range; low voltage.

As you see electricity wasnt just few second and i dont think that it's the main reason. Coz other server didnt when down. Or does my server's log explains that server restarted?

Best regards,

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Re: Unplanned shutdown - rx600

Your warning logs indicate the HP-UX shutdown finished at 03:34:43 or so. This indicates it was a controlled shutdown, not a crash.

Check /etc/shutdownlog and the tail end of /var/adm/syslog/OLDsyslog.log. One or both of them might give some extra clues.

The UPS log says the power problem happened at 03:20:23.

Is the clock of the UPS log in sync with the server's clock? Or is there really a time gap of about 14 minutes between the power problem and the end of the OS shutdown? Would 14 minutes be a reasonable shutdown time for your server?

If your system is configured to shutdown in a controlled way when it goes to UPS power, does it do so immediately, or is it configured to wait for a while first? Once the shutdown procedure starts, the only automated way to "undo" it would be to let it run to conclusion and reboot the system.

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Re: Unplanned shutdown - rx600

Hi MK, thanks for your advices.
What does controlled shutdown mean?
I checked /etc/shutdownlog and saw:
09:34 Wed Jun 2, 2010. Reboot: (by oratest!root)

by time is really different. This days i'm doing sometest and installing SW, so i dont remember did i reboot at 09:34 AM. But i'm sure that i didnt do
anything in might at 03:34:43 AM.

and this log shows /var/adm/syslog/OLDsyslog.log:
Jun 2 09:33:40 oratest HP-PRM: [18353]: prmconfig: configuration reset
Jun 2 09:33:40 oratest /usr/sbin/envd[1561]: terminated by signal 15
Jun 2 09:33:40 oratest diagmond[1558]: Exit due to user requested abort
Jun 2 09:33:40 oratest sshd[965]: Received signal 15; terminating.
Jun 2 09:33:44 oratest cimserver[1480]: PGS10031: CIM server HP-UX WBEM Services stopped.
Jun 2 09:33:45 oratest cimserver[1479]: exited normally
Jun 2 09:33:52 oratest inetd[1076]: Going down on signal 15
Jun 2 09:33:53 oratest rpcbind: rpcbind terminating on signal.
Jun 2 09:33:53 oratest su: + tty?? root-sfmdb
Jun 2 09:34:01 oratest syslogd: going down on signal 15

No, UPS doesnt sync time with server and with NTP server. I determinated that 3 minutes different between them right now.
I configured shutdown proccess for Windows servers but havent yet for HP-UX, so UPS cant send command to my rx-6600, yet.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Unplanned shutdown - rx600

>What does controlled shutdown mean?

In an orderly manner and on purpose.
Because you wanted to reboot to perform some type of maintenance or in the case of lack of power or cooling.