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Update firmware rx2600 - itanium.

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Update firmware rx2600 - itanium.


I have a problem to make update firmware of one itanium rx2600. I can help me. I am trying to make update way FTP.

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Re: Update firmware rx2600 - itanium.

Can you tell what problem you are facing?
error messages?

Which firmware you are trying to update?What's version?
Which firmware version you have already?
Provide more details so as to help out

Re: Update firmware rx2600 - itanium.

The RX2600 now has the firmware E.02.10 and I understood that I need to go to E.02.26 -> E.02.29 then E.03.15 (current version)

When I started the upgrade procedure for E.02.26, I received the following message:

-> MP firmware upgrade in progress ... (forever!)

At FTP Server side, I received the error message:

( : 1025 Data session connected succesfully.
( : 1025 Data session closed. Error #10053 : disconnected

I couldn´t find what "error #10053" means!

Can I do the firmware upgrade procedure using a CD or jumping some steps?


Jorge Reis

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Re: Update firmware rx2600 - itanium.

Error 10053 is related to network error.
It says :
Software caused connection abort.
An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine, possibly due to a data transmission timeout or protocol error.

If you are using Windows based FTP server , this error may be given by Winsock. There might be problem with Winsock. check for any patches for it.
You can try to use another Windows system or a Unix/Linux based FTP server

Ensure ftp is allowed through the network firewall device. Check if you have firmware or internet security software install on the FTP server. The FTP ports( 20 and 21 ) should be opened throughout between FTP server and client.

I can only see the FTP way to upgrade MP firmware for this version.
I guess in order to have upgrade through CDROM , you need to an ISO image firmware
and I don't see the ISO image for this version at HP website. If you have support contract with HP, get in touch with HP and confirm the same.

I hope you are following the procedure for firmware upgrade given at

Zygmunt Krawczyk
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Re: Update firmware rx2600 - itanium.

Try to put firmware binaries on HP-UX ftp server on rx2600 machine

Re: Update firmware rx2600 - itanium.

I changed to Linux FTP Server and it worked fine.

Now I have:

Firmware MP version E.03.15
EFI Boot Manager version 1.10 [14.60]
Firmware version 1.82 [4306]

I will upgrade EFI Boot Manager to 2.31 and install VMS 8.2

Thank you

Jorge Reis

Re: Update firmware rx2600 - itanium.

I necessary make update to EFI. I have to EFI version 1.10 and necessary make update to 1.37. You can help me?

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Re: Update firmware rx2600 - itanium.

It sounds like you want to do system and BMC firmware upgrade which will upgrade the EFI Boot Manager as well.

You are right in saying to upgrade to 2.31
for OpenVMS 8.2

Well, this upgrade is pretty easy as you can do it using CDROM as there is an ISO image of the firmware available at

You have carefully follow the installation instructions given to update the firmware.

It seems that you are a new member to ITRC and this is being your first problem/question at the ITRC.
You need to keep in mind that you have to give points to all answers posted against your question if you feel they are useful for you problem resolution.
Read following as well

Re: Update firmware rx2600 - itanium.

I brought up to date for version 2.31. Now I have:
Firmware Resivion 2.31 [4411]
EFI Spec Revision: 1.10
EFI Intel Drop Revision: 14.61
EFI Build Revision: 1.22
BMC Revision 1.52
Management Processor Revision: E.03.15

I have OpenVMS 8.2 installed. How I do to setting a boot OpenVMS? I need to install again OpenVMS?