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Upgarding RX2600 EFI Firmware

mohammed arafat_2
Frequent Advisor

Upgarding RX2600 EFI Firmware

Hello Dears
I would like to make a f/w update to my server RX2600 i dont know what are the recomended steps top make the updates and what files are needed
i checked the and found som files image files .iso how can i make my update
thank you
G. Vrijhoeven
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgarding RX2600 EFI Firmware


I do not know the exact steps, but i found a link that might interest you:

It states:


All 900 MHz processors will be replaced with 900 MHz processors. All 1 GHz processors will be replaced with 1.3 GHz processors. The change in processor speed will require a system and BMC firmware update to revision 2.01 or higher and MP firmware to E.02.22 or higher before the replacement 1.3 GHz processors are installed. The 1.3 GHz replacement processor will be supported on all current OS levels. HP-UX customers may also need to install patch PHKL_29425.

In this case HP will do the firmware upgrade.