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Upgrade AD194 Firmware in Superdome SX2000

John Town

Upgrade AD194 Firmware in Superdome SX2000

Hi Gurus,

I have to upgrade the HBA model AD194A firmware in a Superdome partition with 3 vpars running HP-UX 11.31.

I have this procedure but I don't know if it is the correct one. Need to validate if someone has
done this.

1- Download the Firmware package from:

2- unzip the will use folder AD194A

3- shut down all vpars with shutdown -hy 0

4- from mon> reboot nPars

Once in nPar mode proceed with the HBA firmware upgrade as follows:

Updating the Firmware

To update the EFI Driver and RISC Firmware on all HBAs:

5- Copy the update kit files reated in step 2 to a CD/DVD storage media

NOTE: Please do not change or rearrange the kit directories and/or files
that were unzipped and copied to the CD/DVD storage device.

6- Load the media into the CD/DVD device to the EFI based system with the FC HBAs.

7- At the system's EFI shell prompt, perform a "map -r" command to map
the CD/DVD device file system. You can check the mapping as follows:

map -b

8- Locate the CD/DVD device and change to that device. For example, if the
CD/DVD device is mapped to fs9 after the map -r:


The EFI shell prompt should change as follows:

fs9:\>cd AD194A

9- Run the update.nsh script to update the EFI driver and RISC Firmware.
For example:

fs9\AD194A:> update.nsh

Update.nsh will call efiutil.efi to update all of the HBAs.

10- Reboot the system to make the Driver/Firmware changes take effect.

Access the EFI partition of the disk Switch back to vpar mode from EFI shell prompt :

11- Shell> fsN:
fsN:\> vparconfig reboot vPars

12 -Boot all the vpars in the npar.


Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade AD194 Firmware in Superdome SX2000

Hi John,

We didn't have the luxury of taking the systems down, so we were forced to use another procedure.

We've updated these HBAs under HP-UX nPArs without having to shut everything down. We did have to make sure that the latest driver bundles were installed and fail over I/O on each HBA we updated via fcmsutil or just let it reset the HBA. There will two files that need to updated on the HBA and read the release notes.

We haven't tried it under vPars, but it worked online for us.

There's also another firmware update offline method using the IPF offline diagnostics CD that works without a lot of fussing around with the EFI: