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Upgraded Core I/O with VGA

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Mathieu P.

Upgraded Core I/O with VGA


I am trying to determine if we really need this.
I was under the impression that this component is needed to get the Integrated Remote Console via the ilo card (since the status reads : No Core I/O VGA is present).

Is this correct !?

Thank you.
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Re: Upgraded Core I/O with VGA

to get VGA via the ilo/kvm card you will need an I/O card present.

but i have also found that you must only have one I/O card per cell, and make sure you have put the ILO card in the right slot.

i had to plug mine in to a few slots before it worked. even some of the slots that the documentation said were ok didn't work

also you have to make sure the ILO/KVM card is on the same VLAN as the MP, if not it will not work
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Re: Upgraded Core I/O with VGA

You didn't mention the server model. But I assume e.g. a rx7640 running Windows.

The Integrated Remote Console feature is a part of the iLO2-Advanced along with the KVM card. It's mentioned in the quick specs of rx7640

So besides having the KVM card, you have to have iLO2-Advanced license is also required to get IRC via iLO2.