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Upgrading Firmware on FC2243 (rx3600)

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The Brit
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Upgrading Firmware on FC2243 (rx3600)

I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my FC2243, fiber-channel cards. I downloaded the .zip from HP and unpacked it, this gave me

The firmware has no installation instructions or readme file, and this file seems to be a binary file.

Can anyone tell me how to proceed, or how I deal with this file.

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Re: Upgrading Firmware on FC2243 (rx3600)

FC2243 is actually an Emulex LP11002 HBA. You have various options to upgrade the firmware depending upon the operating environment you have. Unfortunatly, the upgrade procedure is not available at HP BSC. However you can refer Emulex Firmware update manual for the procedure.
The Brit
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Re: Upgrading Firmware on FC2243 (rx3600)

Thanks for your reply, this certainly helped, however information I received from a different direction indicates that these hba's might not be supported on OpenVMS IA64. I am checking into that.

In any case, the link to the update manual is much appreciated.

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Re: Upgrading Firmware on FC2243 (rx3600)

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Re: Upgrading Firmware on FC2243 (rx3600)

Windows Smart Setup CD includes all Emulex firmware files and their release notes. See the text 11002.txt.

fs0:\efi> ls io_cards\fc_hba\emulex
Directory of: fs0:\efi\io_cards\fc_hba\emulex

01/23/07 10:08a 2,048 .
01/23/07 10:08a 1,024 ..
12/04/06 01:35p 52,292 1050.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 84,018 11002.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 52,292 1150.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 84,018 9802.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 52,292 982.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 149,048 BU502A1.PRG
12/04/06 01:35p 176,640 Elxcli311a5.efi
12/04/06 01:35p 149,048 HU502A1.PRG
12/04/06 01:35p 112,696 JP502A1.PRG
12/04/06 01:35p 112,696 LP502A1.PRG
12/04/06 01:35p 112,696 MP502A1.PRG
12/04/06 01:35p 112,696 WP502A1.PRG
12/04/06 01:35p 149,048 ZU502A1.PRG
12/04/06 01:35p 415,196 bf210a10.all
12/04/06 01:35p 397,964 hd191a5.all
12/04/06 01:35p 416,196 jf210a10.all
12/04/06 01:35p 390,792 lf191a5.all
12/04/06 01:35p 364,312 mf191a5.all
12/04/06 01:35p 7,388 readme_bf.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 4,691 readme_bfe.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 6,643 readme_hd.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 5,960 readme_jf.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 4,690 readme_jfe.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 6,596 readme_lf.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 6,856 readme_mf.txt
12/04/06 01:35p 412,024 wf250a6.all
12/04/06 01:35p 411,860 zf250a6.all
27 File(s) 4,250,648 bytes
2 Dir(s)
The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrading Firmware on FC2243 (rx3600)

Thanks for your responses. I now have the correct HBA's, which fortunately do not need any firmware updates.

Thank you all for your help

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrading Firmware on FC2243 (rx3600)

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