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Urgent: RX3600 RAID Setup??

Craig A. Sharp
Super Advisor

Urgent: RX3600 RAID Setup??

I have to load a new RX3600 tomorrow. I need to setup the integrated hardware mirroring but cant find any documentation oh how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Urgent: RX3600 RAID Setup??


Physically check that the system has an adaptec 6204 smartarray card.

Then boot it at console.

A screen that will remind you a lot of a DL class server will come up. You hit one of the Function keys to get into the Smart Array setup.

You don't need documentation, its all menu/gui driven.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: Urgent: RX3600 RAID Setup??

Well it certainly won't be a 6402 card (thats SmartArray not Adaptec by the way), as that card is a SCSI based card and the internal drives in the rx3600 are SAS.

I'm assuming you're putting HPUX on this system yes? If not then the following doesn't apply.

So If you have a rx3600 with just a PCI-X backplane, then you will have a standard AB036B #006 or AB036B #106 SAS HBA. Difference is that ~1606 comes with pre-configured RAID1. This will allow you to do RAID1 on 4 of the drives in the rx3600, plus 1 spare. Manual for this is here:

However if you have the PCI-Express option for the rx3600, things get a little confusing, because you may have the card mentioned above, or you may have the P400 SmartArray card - the problem is they both have the same part number - only the options are different:

AB036B #006 - SAS HBA (no RAID configured)
AB036B #106 - SAS HBA (RAID1 configured)
AB036B #130 - P400 SmartArray (RAID1 configured)
AB036B #530 - P400 SmartArray (RAID5 configured)
AB036B #540 - P400 SmartArray (RAID6 configured)

Now with the SmartArray you can configure *all* the 8 internal disks into RAID. The manual is here:

For all I know these cards are physically the same (certainly the part numbers suggest this), but are limited when running on just a PCI-X bus.

Anyway - hopefully thats a bit clearer.




Ming Wong
Frequent Advisor

Re: Urgent: RX3600 RAID Setup??

Hi Ducan,

From rx3600 specification showed that it only use FIVE SAS disk to configure Raid disk when using PCI-X 8-port Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) host bus adapter.

If use PCI-Express 8-port Smart Array (P400) Serial Attached SCSI Controller, can all 8 interenal SAS disk to be configure as Raid disk?

Thanks, Ming
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Urgent: RX3600 RAID Setup??

max drives for P400 = 18, see


Hope this helps!

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