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Virtualization in rx2600 (itanium2)

Avramenko Andrew
Occasional Visitor

Virtualization in rx2600 (itanium2)


I read information on your site that itanium2 helps to improve virtualization. At this moment Xen supports installation of non-modified OS (like MS Windows) only with hardware that support VT-x, VT-i and AMD SVM technologies. Does VT-i present on rx2600 platform and if "yes" how can I enable it.

Thank you.
melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: Virtualization in rx2600 (itanium2)

not quite sure what you mean by VT-i, but the rx2600 can run HP Integrity Virtual Machines, on the main Host HP-UX host OS.
The current version is A.02.00 which allows you tec install HP-UX or Windows 2k3 EE 64 bit edition as guest OS'es on the Virtual Machines.
Then next release due out very soon will also allow RedHat Linux as a guest OS.
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