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Xen virtualization on rx3600 (Itanium) with RHEL 5.1

L. Belli
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Xen virtualization on rx3600 (Itanium) with RHEL 5.1

Has anyone been able to build up a Xen vm on a rx3600 Integrity Server with Itanium CPU?
I'm banging my head on the wall to find out a solution to build up a virtual machine environment to virtualize Linux and Windows o.s.
Could someone share his experience on Xen virtualization on RHEL5.1 on Itanium ?
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Re: Xen virtualization on rx3600 (Itanium) with RHEL 5.1

I never worked with Xen, but the search engine give some hits from the xen forum.
The result is not really clear clear to me (sounds always like "maybe, but ...").

If you want to virtualize Windows and Linux (and hp-ux) on this system, you should have a look at this too:

HP Integrity Virtual Machines

Hope this helps!

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