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adding MP to rx1620 with HP-UX

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Dusan Stefanovic
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adding MP to rx1620 with HP-UX

I have rx1620 without MP card with HP-UX OS.
After that I put MP card.
When I boot to HP-UX I don't see graphic card.
With ioscan command I receive:
0/4/2/0 unknown PCI Display
With SAM - Display - X Server Configuration I receive error: "No graphic device found on the system"
I can connect to OS through COM port of MP card.
I enabled xfs service but I think that I have problem with device.
Comment: I asked the same question on HP-UX forum.
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Re: adding MP to rx1620 with HP-UX

This thread may help you:

Configure only one device for input/output/error.

Hope this helps!

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Re: adding MP to rx1620 with HP-UX

As you can connect to HPUX through MP serial console port, I guess this port is acting as console for HPUX as it gets default selected in EFI when you install the MP card.

If you want to select the the MP VGA port as console, you need to select this same port h/w path as Active console output, Active console input and Active standard device in EFI boot manager.Remember to de-select the previous not required selections in each menu. Save the changes to NVRAM and reset the server. HPUX will use the selected console. Run "ioscan -e" and verify the device status.

Refer this guide for HPUX console selection

Default console guide at
Dusan Stefanovic
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Re: adding MP to rx1620 with HP-UX

Thank's for everything
I find solution:
-First console output was not problem, it was set o.k.
-Second I install driver for graphic card on MP trough SAM (gvid and gvid_core drivers)
-After that I reboot OS
-Then I uncomment the last line in /etc/dt/config/Xservers file:
# * localconsole /usr/bin/X11/X:0