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can't boot Linux

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can't boot Linux

I have an Itanium Server with the Operating Systems Windows 2003 Server, HP-UX and Linux on it. Each operating System is installed on a different SCSI disk.
Now when I try to start Linux e get the following output:

loading ext3 module
mounting /proc filesystem
creating block devices
creating root device
mounting root filesystem
VFS: can't find ext3 filesystem on dev sd(8,19)
mount: error 22 mounting ext3
umount /initrd/proc failed:2
freeing unuesd kernel memory:464kb freed
Kernel panic: no init found. Try passing init= option to kernel.

When I remove the disk on which HP-UX is installed and then boot Linux everything works fine and Linux boots.

So I tried to edit the fstab. The entry for the root system after the installation looked like this:
Label=/ / ext3 defaults 11

I removed the label and made the entry look like this:

/dev/sdb3 / ext defaults 11

But nothing changed in the behavior at system startup.

So I played around a little bit and it seems like he tries to boot the Linux kernel from the HP-UX disk.
I tried to make a new boot option in the EFI boot option menue. I selectetd the correct disk and created the new entry. But I had no success.

I still just can boot Linux while teh HP-UX disk is removed.
So if anyone has a suggestion how to solve my problem, my ears are wide open.

Thank you in advance!

Slawomir Gora
Honored Contributor

Re: can't boot Linux


I think you have problem with your disk name
and your idea with editing fstab was good.
Try to boot from rescue CD and check your disks.
cat /etc/partitions - maby it will help you.

How many disk do you have in server and in which slot linux is instaled ?

Re: can't boot Linux

If install linux first and after that install new disk and HP-UX you must check SCSI id's. Change HP-UX disk SCSI id, it must be after you Linux disk SCSI id.


Re: can't boot Linux

I've got 3 Discs in my Server.
here the detailed Information:
ACPI (HWP0002,100)/PCI(1:0)/SCSI(PUN1,LUN0)/HD(Part1,SIGB60733E8-A817-11D8-8002-DBoot02

HD (Part1,SIGGE14C78-EF67-4018-A82E-273ADE52D5C5)/EFI\redhat\elilo.efi


The Disks are in the following slots:

the command cat/etc/partitions brought nothing. Coldn't find the file partitions.

Another question: How can I check the scsi Id's, and is it really a good idiea to change them. I guess if I do that probably nothing works at all.

Thank you for your help

kind regards!
Gerben Roest
Occasional Advisor

Re: can't boot Linux

If you have Linux think it's on /dev/sdb, you have to put the Linux disk as the second disk
The Linux disk IS the second disk when the HPUX disk is off, so that's probably why that works.

Maybe you can change /dev/sdb into /dev/sdc? You have to do that in the Linux boot option, probably there it says "root=/dev/sdb" with your root partition.

Re: can't boot Linux

I solved the Problem! I just changed the elilo.conf and the /etc/fstab files. I changed the lines root = /dev/sdb{n} and /dev/sdb{n} / ext3 ....
to root = /dev/sdc{n} and /dev/sdc{n} / ext3 ....

Now everything works fine!

Thank you all for your help!

Kind regards