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cell addition in rx7640

Md. Farhan A Azam
Trusted Contributor

cell addition in rx7640

Hi Gurus,

I've added one new cell in RX7640. And powered the cell ON. but in parstatus its showing unknown.

) [Cell]
CPU Memory Use
OK/ (GB) Core On
Hardware Actual Deconf/ OK/ Cell Next Par
Location Usage Max Deconf Connected To Capable Boot Num
========== ============ ======= ========= =================== ======= ==== ===
cab0,cell0 Unknown 0/0/0 ? cab0,bay0,chassis0 ? - -
cab0,cell1 Active Core 8/0/8 32.0/0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis1 yes yes 0

and in MP>CM>PS>C>0, it's giving,
HW status for Cell 0 : FAILURE DETECTED

Power status : on, no fault
Faults above are latched. They are cleared just before the cell is powered on.
Boot is blocked
PDH memory is not shared
Processor Compatibility : FAULT
RIO cable status : connected
RIO cable connection physical location : PCI Domain 0
Core cell is INVALID
Attention Led is off

PDHC status Leds : --**

plz suggest.

Honored Contributor

Re: cell addition in rx7640

Hi ,

From the above output,

HW status for Cell 0 : FAILURE DETECTED

"Processor Compatibility : FAULT"

Are you sure this is a proper part which you have used?

What about >sysrev????

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Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: cell addition in rx7640


compare the cpu's between existing cell board working and new cell board.

are they the same? same type?

check the firmware versions of both cell boards as well with sysrev command from mp.

if they are different you may need to update one of the cell boards.

Occasional Contributor

Re: cell addition in rx7640

Can u paste ps o/p for Cell0 and also sysrev o/p from MP:CM> sysrev