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I am able to connect console but when I try to log in to console as root/user, it is hanging.
my question is why it is hanging and how to resolve this situation?
Is there any other option except power off and power on?




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Re: console

How do you connect to console, through serial or lan?
Steven Schweda
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Re: console

Console of _what_? Connect _how_?

> [...] it is hanging.

Where, exactly? Actual transcript?

What, exactly, does "root/user" mean? The
"root" user? Some non-"root" user"? Any
user, including "root"?

> my question is [...]

My question is, "How do you expect a useful
answer when you have supplied practically no
useful information?"
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Re: console

do a "cntl B" and reset the MP. If you do a help at the mp>ca prompt there should be a dx ( I think its DX) command to reset the mp. If you provide more information on server model I could maybe provide a better answer.

yulianto piyut
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Re: console


first, try to reset the console. you can do it from the CM> or by the push the hardware in the console.