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disk_em event 101037 detected from Server

Joseph Samuel
Occasional Contributor

disk_em event 101037 detected from Server


I was getting this EMS from a server(Superdome) for the past three days exactly at 10:34pm.But the disk is accessible and all the lvols are in synced stated.i found no problem in that disk apart from may be a sector or a block in that disk may be corrupted.pls revert back to me do i need to replace the disk.pls find the error log below.
Mridul Shrivastava
Honored Contributor

Re: disk_em event 101037 detected from Server

Have you run online diags using cstm and checked the output of that...

It would show you medium and non-medium errors.. If they are high then disk may have to be replaced.

Is there any backup activity or scheduled activity goes at 10:34 PM everyday...
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Andrew Merritt_2
Honored Contributor

Re: disk_em event 101037 detected from Server

Hi Joseph,

Yes, I think you do need to replace the disk. The reason you only get the messages logged once a day is that EMS suppresses events so they typically only get logged once every 24 hours. By the way, the log file shows event 100237; are you also seeing 101037 as the title says, or was that a typo?

You should also look at upgrading to a current version of OnlineDiags, though that does not affect the validity of the event you are seeing. You've got A.45.00, which is the June 2004 release. The current web-download is A.55.00.

For disks >9Gb, most of the monitoring is done by SMART, and you won't see medium errors etc. in the STM tools, since that information is no longer visible.

(By the way, it's best to stick with plain text rather than RTF or whatever format you've uploaded.)

Andrew Merritt_2
Honored Contributor

Re: disk_em event 101037 detected from Server

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