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hard drive for rx2600

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hard drive for rx2600

I was looking to buy a rx2600 for some at home playing around. The one I'm thinking about getting had drive caddies but no hard drives.
I've been told a drive that has the right electrical (lvd scsi) and physical properties (80 pin SCA) should work.
But, I'm thinking there could be an issue with the firmware. Although, a firware update might fix that.
So, I'm asking those of you that know more then me "what do you think"?
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Re: hard drive for rx2600

Hello Curtis,

only 36GB and 72GB 10K drives were supported. The interface should be Ultra 160 SCSI and HP firmware might be required.

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Re: hard drive for rx2600


Check the link,

If helps, pls assign point.

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Re: hard drive for rx2600

The specs of the rx2600 are still on the HP web site. The internal disk interface is U320 SCSI-LVD. Even though only 36 and 73GB SCSI disks are mentioned as supported I think larger and newer drives would work. The reason only those two are mentioned is usually at the time of the writing of the wed document, only those two drive sizes were available. The only concern about using newer drives is if you use 15kRPM drives, they might generate more heat than the older 10k drives. But the server manufacturers in most cases they account for that.
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Re: hard drive for rx2600

The following 146GB and 300GB disks can be used :

SCSI HDD 146GB 10k rpm Ultra 320, A7839A
SCSI HDD 146GB 10K rpm Ultra 320, A9898A
SCSI HDD 146GB 15K rpm Ultra 320, AD208A
SCSI HDD 300GB 10K rpm Ultra 320, AB423A
Kranti Mahmud
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Re: hard drive for rx2600

Hi Curtis,

Check out the below link for all the supported H/W of rx2600:

Dont look BACK as U will miss something INFRONT!
Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: hard drive for rx2600

I have bought several rx2600's of Ebay with 2 empty caddies and bought more or less rand sca-80 drives also on Ebay sometimes 'naked' sometimes in the wrong caddy.

The only problem I have had is with IBM drives that were formatted for 520 byte sectors and odd spin-up settings.
Some of those could be fixed with low level scsi format tools. Some not.

Other than the IBM drives _everything_ has worked.
10kpm, 15krpm, 18gb ... 146 gb.

Firmware upgrades, toa reasonable level, are no big deal with the 'Management Processor.'

Vendor often has teh rx2600 with MP for sale and you can often get one for $175. If you conteact them directly you may find they also have some without MP, but with DVD for less. Buy one of each! ... seriously!


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Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: hard drive for rx2600

Oops.. hit [submit] too soon.

rand = random = some 'hp' branded, some not.

Newsgroup comp.os.c = Be sure to check out some discussions on this topic in the comp.os.vms newsgroup.