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how do i install HPUX OS without dbprofile (machine is down)


how do i install HPUX OS without dbprofile (machine is down)

I have a HPUX 11.31 IA machine which is down and all core lan A & B is not working .In shell also there is no "dbprofile command" .The machine is in remote ,I can n't go for physcally DVD install.
Could you help me out for the same.
Debakanta Biswal.
sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: how do i install HPUX OS without dbprofile (machine is down)


i think that u are wishing to boot the machine using the Ignite server for install.

yes but what it means that core LAN A and Core LAN B not working? is there there any harwae failure with the core LAN cards, then get rectified that first. Or are these core LAN not returning the boot requests made to the Ignite Server?

yes u can do this without dbprofile that ia by trying to boot that with the LAN I/f as u choose and that it directly picks up boot advertisements from the ignite server. U will face problems if u have any other DHCP Server configured in the network that can compete with the Ignite server.

however the dbprofile u should be able to get in the Built-in-EFI Shell of the server.

make sure that the MAC address of the LAN I/f that u shall use to boot has got the entries in the /etc/bootptab of the Ignite server.

and apart from that if u had an earlier make_net_recovery archive of this client on the Ignite server and u are trying to boot this server from a LAN card that has a diiferent MAC address u need to make changes to the client config kept in the /var/opt/ignite/clients/EALIER_MAC_ADDRESS/* directory to get the full client config at the time to install.

rick jones
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Re: how do i install HPUX OS without dbprofile (machine is down)

If neither of the core (or other) LAN interfaces are working, and you cannot go to the system with a DVD, nor mail a DVD there and have someone else put it into the drive for you, the only other possibility is to hope the system is new enough to have an iLO and then enable (license) and use virtual media. That path may or may not be "supported" for an HP-UX install but chances are it would "work."

However, your saying that the system does not have a dbprofile command in EFI suggests it is an older system (rx1600, rx2600, rx4640, rx5670 and perhaps rx2620) which wouldn't have an iLO in the MP. Of course, even if it _did_ have a dbprofile command (and some older systmes - rx1620 and perhaps rx2620, maybe rx4640 can have one with new enough firmware) that neither LAN interface is working means dbprofile wouldn't do you any good.

Sounds like your only choice is to ship a DVD to the place where the system resides and ask someone to insert it for you.
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