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how i can repair NVRAM on rx5670 ?

Efim Kushnir
Frequent Advisor

how i can repair NVRAM on rx5670 ?

Dear Sirs,

how I can repair NVRAM if boot strings in boot options is delete or missing ?

Look for the answers, do not stop !
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: how i can repair NVRAM on rx5670 ?

Hi Efim,

do these steps :

- boot to EFI shell
- select the filesystem of your disk i.e.
fs0: or fs1:
- change to the directory
- check what files are available here i.e.
boot0002 and record the name.
- move to the \msutil directory at the root
of this same disk and run the nvrboot
- choose the I option (import)
- enter efi\microsoft\winnt50\boot0002
- the boot file will be imported and a new
boot menu entry will appear at the bottom.
- Quit out from nvrboot and EXIT from efi
shell to the boot menu again.
- select the newly added entry and make
sure it is at the top of the list so that
future reboots will automatically start
Windows again.

If you have multiple winnt50.x folders or multiple boot00x files, check the date and timestamp and choose the one you think should be the correct one that you last worked with.
Multiple winnt50.x folders means someone installed Windows multiple times on this system.

Let me know how it goes