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how to enable remote console on rx2620

Kallol Biswas
Occasional Contributor

how to enable remote console on rx2620

We have two rx2620 systems that to be configured for remote lan access. They have management card.

The link below descibes how to enable the lan console.

However I could not understand the step:

Connect a three-way DB9–25 cable to the MP DB-25 port on the back of the HP Integrity rx2600 server.

I tried resetting the MP Reset button while power is off still could not get MP prompt.

Am I missing a step? We need to configure the systems asap.
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: how to enable remote console on rx2620

The three way db9-25 adapter gives you access to a SERIAL line for LOCAL console access. You might/should not need it. For remote access just use the ethernet to port 1 in that text/picture: "The top port labeled LAN 10/100 is the MP connection "
Then telnet, or web, into the box using it's IP address/name.
This assumes the thernet port is setup correctly either using DHCP or some hardcoded address.
If it has the wrong address, then you can snif that with some ARP tool and use a temporary local network connection to log in and make it right, or use that serial port once for the network setup.

Your goal is to NOT use the 25 pin connector, just the network port.

Note... just to confuse you. You can actually use the serial line for remmote management, but you would need to hook it up to a 'terminal server' or even a dedicated PC and connect that to the lan. But why go two step if there is a direct connect?!
I would just have 1 laptop with 'hyperterm' going out over a serial line connected to 3-1 dongle in the lab to occasionally setup / check a server but never leave one connected.

'hyperterm' is not so hyper, but it is free and available on all Microsoft OS PC's unders 'accesories'. Personally I much prefer other tools, notably 'VTstar' or 'VT525' both from Digital heritage Multia and Pathworks product lines.

Good luck!
Hein van den Heuvel (gmail)
HvdH Performance Consulting