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hp server rx2600 bios

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hp server rx2600 bios

how can i access rx2600 BIOS?

i want to access the BIOS option so i can set the server to boot from CD. Im trying to reinstall the said server.

please advise.
Marco Hogeveen
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Re: hp server rx2600 bios


On an Itanium-II system there's no BIOS setup to enter like in a Netserver or a PC.
If you want to boot from CD you have to enter the EFI shell during boot.

You will get a menu like this:
EFI Boot Manager ver 1.10 [14.57]

Please select a boot option
EFI Shell [Built-in]
Boot option maintenance menu
Security/Password Menu

Now select EFI Shell [Built-in].
Now you will get a list of devices (filesystem and block devices).

Look for a Filesystem device (starts with FS, not with BLK) which points to your CD-Rom and change to that device. Example: FS1 is your CD-Rom, press FS1: and press enter.

If your CD-Rom wasn't in the cd-rom player during boot you can use the command 'map -r' to rescan the devices.

Now you can use ls, dir and cd to browse the cd-rom. If you want to boot from it you will have to select a file with the extension .EFI (VMLINUZ.EFI for example).

Hope this helps.

Jeff Coburn
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Re: hp server rx2600 bios

You can also add an entry to your boot entry to boot from the DVD. From the Boot Manager menu choose Boot Option Maintenance Menu->Add a Boot Option->Removable Media Boot.

For your boot description call it whatever you want, such as "DVD-ROM". Choose "N" for no boot option.

You might also want to check out the links Sunil provided, and the Operation and Maintenance guide: