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iLO on Integrity when?


iLO on Integrity when?

Does anybody know when iLO will be available as a firmware upgrade on allready bought Integrity Servers where there's "only" the management processor?
Will it be a free upgrade, or?


Life sucks, but it sure beats the alternative.
Marco Hogeveen_1
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Re: iLO on Integrity when?


It already is!
Don't know whoch type of server you have but for, let's say the RX2600 you can download MP Firmware E.03.13 from〈=en&cc=us&swEnvOID=54#3032 which has Ilo interface.
The upgrade is free, you only have to pay for these features:
New Licensed Advanced Features:

Secure Shell (SSH) access to the iLO MP
SSH clients may be used for access to iLO MP providing secure encrypted data across the network. Users may authenticate in SSH using their normal configured username and password.

Group actions via hp Systems Insight Manager (HPSIM)
Many of the iLO MP system management functions are now available from the HPSIM. Operations may be performed on multiple iLO MPs with a single HPSIM operation.

Directory-based authentication and authorization (LDAP)
Allows iLO MP user accounts to be defined in a centralized database on a LDAP server. iLO MP users are authenticated when logging into an iLO MP and authorization is given each time an iLO MP command is executed.

The following features are free/unlicensed:

New Unlicensed Features:

The Management Processor name has changed from Management Processor (MP) to Integrated Lights-Out for HP Integrity and HP 9000 (iLO).

TCP/IP network configuration via DHCP
The iLO MP TCP/IP network configuration may be initialized by use of a DHCP server. In particular the IP address, subnet mask, gateway address, DNS domain name, and DNS server IP addresses may all be set by configuring on a DHCP server. Thereafter the iLO MP will obtain these parameters automatically from the DHCP server.

Web Console, also called Secure Web Access (SWA)
The Web console starts from the WEB GUI. Click Remote Console tab and then click on the View Console button in the lower right hand corner. The Web Console now supports Hong Kong Big 5, HP-UX locale zh_HK.hkbig5.

Web-based graphical user interface (GUI)
A web-based graphical user interface has been added in addition to the web-based console. A standard web browser may now be used to monitor and configure the iLO MP. Entering in the Web Console will no longer access the iLO MP monitoring and configuring interface. Use the Web-based GUI, telnet, and direct connect to monitor and configure the iLO MP.

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) option provides direct access from the MP LAN port to the server Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) monitoring and control functions such as monitoring temperature, voltage, fans, and power supplies. With IPMI over LAN enabled, BMC functions are available to other management software applications. MP supports up to four simultaneous IPMI over LAN connections.

Configurations have been added in support of customers desiring enhanced system protection. Specifically the following iLO MP features may be disabled:
iLO MP firmware updates from the iLO MP host system
iLO MP resets received via IPMI (may be sent across LAN to IPMI)
iLO MP password resets received via IPMI (may be sent across LAN to IPMI)

Have fun with it!


Re: iLO on Integrity when?

Yes it looks like it,
but it´s not iLO, lots of features are missing.

Will there be an update anytime soon, to shorten the gaps?


Life sucks, but it sure beats the alternative.

Re: iLO on Integrity when?

iLO advanced will include the features requested.
Life sucks, but it sure beats the alternative.