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how to modify scsi id on rx2600 scsi is built-in there is no dip switch on the mother board.
i need to configure a cluster with 2 rx2600 servers external storage A3311AR, and i have only the built in scsi.
Plz any help.
Luk Vandenbussche
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Re: itanium

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Re: itanium

It's easy to boot the smart setup cd-rom and configure the internals. It's similar to the well known smart start, but not the same.

You'll find it here:

BTW, the A3311AR normaly is used with HVD devices, you


connect them to your server!!!

This product is (was) also used with se-scsi disks. if you have such disks, you may use them, but this slows down your system enormous!!!

Hope this helps!

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Ted Buis
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Re: itanium

Torsten is likely correct. Most A3311A or A3311AR for the remarketed version were Fast Wide Different (a.k.a. High Voltage Differential), but it depended on the on the disks that were installed. Both FWD and Single-Ended were available for that HA enclosure. YOU CANNOT USE FWD (HVD) drives with the rx2600 built-in SCSI port. You should not need to modify the SCSI ID is you have SE drives unless you are attempting to use a V(Y) cable to connect two computers to it for a ServiceGuard cluster. Given the age of the A3311A, I would suggest you look at a new MSA30.
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