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lan with no lights on port : hardware pb ?

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lan with no lights on port : hardware pb ?


After moving an rx4640 (properly shutdown and start-up) running HPUX 11.23, on a dual port lan card, one port has no more lights on : the other one is still working properly.

We try with another cable that is running correctly on another computer : nothing new.

I suppose that it's an hardware problem but when running some HP commands I'm a little bit surprised :

ioscan -nfC lan returns 'CLAIMED' on lan0 (faulty port)

lanscan also reports lan0 UP

Yet, service guard reports lan0 down.

Where is the truth ?
How can I fix if it's an hardware or software problem.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: lan with no lights on port : hardware pb ?


could be a hardware problem either on the server but also on the switch. Check/test the connectivity on both ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: lan with no lights on port : hardware pb ?

For giggles, swap the two connections into the NIC and see where the fault ends up. That'll tell you if the fault is on the NIC or on the switch.
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Re: lan with no lights on port : hardware pb ?

Swapping cables beteween the ports is a good idea - just make sure you have equal connectivity :)

Lanscan may be (mistakenly) providing the administrative status of the interface rather than the operational status. If you do lanadmin -g mibstats you should be able to see both.

There may be some additional stuff in the nettl logs, or even in the output of dmesg. Also, if you have them installed, there should be some stm (cstm, xstm) diagnostics you could try running.

If it is a hardware problem on the dual-port card, you will have to replace the dual-port card.
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Re: lan with no lights on port : hardware pb ?

lanadmin -g shows an operational status down
==> hardware problem

raise a call to HP support