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looking for information Integrity vPAR vs VM

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Wally S
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looking for information Integrity vPAR vs VM

has anyone seen documentation regarding the differences between vPARs and VMs on Integrity servers. Interested in any details specifically to dynamic I/O reconfiguration between vPARs, or VMs.

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Re: looking for information Integrity vPAR vs VM

This is a good link with more information:

and another:

Hope this helps!

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Ted Buis
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Re: looking for information Integrity vPAR vs VM

vPars do not have dynamic I/O reconfiguration, and memory and I/O paths are dedicated to one and only one partition. Only CPUs can "float" between partitions with vPars. However, there is very high isolation between vPars as a result. The Integrity Virtual Machines (IVM) is more flexible and supports shared I/O paths and flexible memory assignment. Since it is shared, I would say that I/O is as dynamic as any HP-UX system without partitioning. But with sharing comes the reduction in isolation. Naturally, nPars (hardware partitioning provides the most isolation). The good news is you have choices. The bad news is you have to pick one. Other vendors don't give you the option to choose. Don't forget Secure Resource Partitions are also available.
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