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memory slots

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memory slots

Hello everybody
How can I verify the number of memory slots used in a itanium rx1620

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: memory slots

Run this command:

echo "selclass qualifier memory;info;wait;infolog" | cstm

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Honored Contributor

Re: memory slots

for CPU. it works fine for PA RISK

echo "selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait;infolog" | cstm

But in itanium boxe, i am seeing some "disabled" warning . is this normal with respect to version C.51.00

root] echo "selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait;infolog" | cstm
Running Command File (/usr/sbin/stm/ui/config/.stmrc).

-- Information --
Support Tools Manager

Version C.51.00

Product Number B4708AA

(C) Copyright Hewlett Packard Co. 1995-2005
All Rights Reserved

Use of this program is subject to the licensing restrictions described
in "Help-->On Version". HP shall not be liable for any damages resulting
from misuse or unauthorized use of this program.

cstm>selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait;infolog
^-- (Information) is currently disabled. --

^-- (InfoLog) is currently disabled. --
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: memory slots

Run the command mentioned by Bill

echo "selclass qualifier memory;info;wait;infolog" | cstm

and you will get a result like this:

Basic Memory Description

Module Type: MEMORY
Page Size: 4096 Bytes
Total Physical Memory: N/A
Total Configured Memory: 2048 MB
Total Deconfigured Memory: N/A

Memory Board Inventory

DIMM Location Size(MB) DIMM Location Size(MB)
-------------------- -------- -------------------- --------
DIMM 0A 512 DIMM 0B 512
DIMM 1A 512 DIMM 1B 512
DIMM 2A ---- DIMM 2B ----
DIMM 3A ---- DIMM 3B ----

Total: 2048 (MB)

Hope this helps!

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Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: memory slots

> cstm>selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait;infolog
> ^-- (Information) is currently disabled. --

This means that the diagnostics are not installed properly. Download the latest version from:

The STM diagnstics are very sensitive to proper network setup. If you have some confusion with DNS, NIS or hosts, cstm will have difficulties.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: memory slots

thanks to solve my doubt.