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memory upgrade of rx4640

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rajeesh k menon
Frequent Advisor

memory upgrade of rx4640

Hi all,

I have an rx4640 servers with following memory configuration.

DIMM Location Size(MB) DIMM Location Size(MB)

-------------------- -------- -------------------- --------

DIMM 0A 512 DIMM 0B 512

DIMM 0C 512 DIMM 0D 512

DIMM 1A 512 DIMM 1B 512

DIMM 1C 512 DIMM 1D 512

DIMM 2A 512 DIMM 2B 512

DIMM 2C 512 DIMM 2D 512

DIMM 3A ---- DIMM 3B ----

DIMM 3C ---- DIMM 3D ----

Is it possible to add 3A,3B,3C,3D with a memory module of different size say 2gb


Phil uk
Honored Contributor

Re: memory upgrade of rx4640


Yes it is.
You need make sure that the DIMMS that you wish to install are supported on the server.
Also, check that your firmware is up to date as "newer / larger" DIMMs sometimes require that the machine has a minimum firmware level so that it recognises them - i have not checked the specifics for the RX4640.
Look at Firmware Management and Firmware System:

Finally, it might be better to put the larger DIMMS (as a Quad they must all be the same) in slots 0a 0b 0c 0d, and move the 256MB DIMMS into slots 3a 3b 3c 3d.

Sandy Chen
Honored Contributor

Re: memory upgrade of rx4640


It is possible, but you better put a bigger size memory module first. In your case, Take out the first 4x512 and replace it with the 4x2Gb

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Re: memory upgrade of rx4640

Hi Rajees,

Below four part number memory module are supports in Ur system:-

2-GB DDR memory quad (4x512MB DIMMs)---A6968A
4-GB DDR memory quad (4x1GB DIMMs)-----A6969A
8-GB DDR memory quad (4x2GB DIMMs)-----A6970A
16-GB DDR memory quad (4Ã 4GB DIMMs)----AB475A

Thanksâ Yaqub
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rajeesh k menon
Frequent Advisor

Re: memory upgrade of rx4640

thank you all