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mix cpu types on rx8640 cell board?

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mix cpu types on rx8640 cell board?

we got a rx8640 one of the cell boards currently has 4-dual core Itanium processors.

is it possible to have say 3-dual and 1-quad core processors on the same cell board or if we decide to upgrade one of them to quad do we have to do them all?

Re: mix cpu types on rx8640 cell board?

There are three issues here:

1) You can't mix processor types on the same cell board, or in fact at all in a rx8640. In a Superdome you can mix processor types in seperate hard partitions, but even then the rules are pretty constraining.

2) Unless you've fallen through a time warp from 12 months in the future, there *isn't* a quad core Itanium processor yet. The quad core Itanium processor codenamed Tukwila is currently scheduled to be released by Intel at the end of this year - note that doesn't mean that there will be HP Integrity systems available at exactly the same time with these processors (although there might be)

3) Even when Tukwila is released, its such a radically different processor from the Montvale/Montecito 2-core processors, you won't be able to plug it into a cell board in any existing system (including the rx8640)anyway. HP will release a new chipset and systems to support Tukwila.



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