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mon prompt is not getting

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mon prompt is not getting

i am facing some issue with one Npar in Integrity superdome.In one N par i am not able to see the MON prompt. but i can see that the mon prompt is booting and from mon prompt all the vpar are booting.once all the vpar get booted then the MON prompt will vanish.while pressinf CTRL+A i am not able to see the MON prompt.its going like vpar0 to vpar5..after vpar5 againg to vpar0. but if i am shutting down one vpar i will get the mon prompt. How can i solve this problem. plese help me.

thanks in advance

Re: mon prompt is not getting

AT least 1 CPU must be free (i.e. not allocated to a vPar) to get to a vpmon prompt.

Why do you want to get to a vpmon prompt? Everything you do from vpmon can be done from an OS prompt in a vPar. There should be no reason to access vpmon.



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Re: mon prompt is not getting

From the manual:

vPars Monitor: Accessing the vPars Monitor Prompt
You can reach the vPars Monitor prompt in the following ways:
=> From the ISL or EFI prompt, you can boot the vPars Monitor into interactive mode (see
â vPars Monitor: Booting the vPars Monitorâ (page 130)).
=> After shutting down all virtual partitions, you will arrive at the vPars Monitor prompt on
the console (see â Shutting Down or Rebooting the nPartition (Or Rebooting the vPars
Monitor)â (page 156)).
=> A.03.xx and earlier: When the system monarch CPU is not owned by any virtual partition,
youwill also see the vParsMonitor prompt MON>while toggling among the virtual consoles.
A monarch CPU exists in both non-vPars and vPars servers. After a server is powered-on,
themonarchCPUdetermineswhat otherCPUs are configured in the server and then launches
the other CPUs to create a multi-CPU server. Typically, the CPU with the lowest numbered
hardware path address (belonging to the core cell for nPartitionable systems) is themonarch
CPU. To see the lowest numbered hardware path, on a non-vPars server use ioscan, or on
a vPars server use the vPars Monitor command scan.
=> A.04.xx and A.05.xx:When any CPU is available, you will see the MON> prompt.

Hope this helps!

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Re: mon prompt is not getting


find the device file cporresponding to the syatem console and the corresponding Hardware path anad assign that exclusively to the first VPAR of the system and restart the monitor