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mp console of 2 vpar in hang

Valued Contributor

mp console of 2 vpar in hang

Hi guys,

i have 2 vpar on ia64 hp server rx7640.

Mi mp console not work fine :

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.


and i can't go in the menu or switch to a vpar .

I have also one vpar up. The other vpar is down but i cant' restart it because is a mixed vpar and i  booted with

parmonitor Monitor Version:  A.04.06.


How can reset a mp?

Is there a command like

stty +resetGSP < /dev/GSPdiag1  that can i do from a vpar os up a running?


Help me



Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: MP console of 2 vpar in hang

>How can reset a MP?

>Is there a command like: stty +resetGSP


You'll probably need to physically push the reset button on the box.

stty only worked for real old PA servers.