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netbooting an rx2660

E Le Sueur
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netbooting an rx2660


I posted this in the business support forums, and was told I should also post it here...


We've just acquired a rx2660 (based on montvale) for testing purposes, and I'm trying to set it up to network boot using elilo and dhcp.

Using DHCP, I can see the DHCPDISCOVER and the DHCPOFFER for the correct mac address on the DHCP server, but the rx2660 keeps doing the discover. It eventually gives up and says it didn't get a valid DHCP response.

This is the same whether I use the boot menu, or a dbprofile, or the bootmenu with a dbprofile.

Specifically setting the network options in the dbprofile and doing

lanboot select -dn tftpserver

results in "Retrieving filesize" and then PXE-E18: Timeout. Server did not respond.

I'm at a loss as to why this isn't working.

System Firmware B Revision: 4.03 [4815]
BMC Revision: 5.23

Any help would be appreciated.

The tftpboot server works for another rx2660 (montecito) we have here, and many rx2600's also work.
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Re: netbooting an rx2660


I would run the "tftp" command from EFI shell to make sure it works with the DHCP server.

I assume you are using the Core IO Lan ports.

Are those other rx2660 montecito based servers running the same firmware levels?

Any difference in terms of EFI device drivers versions between the 2 systems?