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no login prompt after MP LOGIN >CO

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pb raju
Occasional Contributor

no login prompt after MP LOGIN >CO

Hi ,
I am using Hyper Terminal to login to our Rp3440 server.After i Mp login as Admin >> CO ,console login user is root without prompting for user and password ( bumped user is Admin , but whoami shows root).How to force login prompt before going to console ?

Honored Contributor

Re: no login prompt after MP LOGIN >CO


Let me understand the problem. You are saying that you are getting the "#" prompt without asking for username and password on console login through MP -> CO right?

This would occur if someone had used the console login with root user before and didn't do the logout. He might have just close the MP connection MP -> X instead. Just logout that session and try to access the console login again. It should ask for user name and password.

The "bumped user is Admin " message is related to "Admin" user of the MP and it is nothing to do with OS login user.
When you type ^ecf, you get write access to Console and this message would pop-up , then Console Login appears.

pb raju
Occasional Contributor

Re: no login prompt after MP LOGIN >CO

Mr.Sameer Nirmal's response solved my problem.Thanks Sammer ..