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npar re-config affects vpars.

Steve Lewis
Honored Contributor

npar re-config affects vpars.

I have a SD32B (sx2k) with 5 npars.
I want to remove one npar, npar 2 (a single cell board and it's io chassis) and install them in a different SD.
Are the cells installed in a particular order? Might there may be an associated re-config requiring down-time of other npars?
Will this removal affect the npar numbering?
Will this move affect any vpars that exist within the remaining npars?
Steve Lewis
Honored Contributor

Re: npar re-config affects vpars.

Well, I'll answer my own question (indirectly from HP):

1. The cells can be removed in any order. No shuffling of cells is required.
2. The numbering will change. NPAR names will not.
3. Other VPARs in other npars will not be affected.