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problems with the installation of Debian

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problems with the installation of Debian

Hi guys,

I've installed Debian from the HP enablement kit for Linux. Everything was ok. But I wasn't satisfied with it. Then I tried to reinstall the Debian and use the latest "sarge" Debian CD. And I can't install it. If i start with the installation stops with the error "that there is no partitions there and almoust that disks can't be found". I've created the partitions using HP enablement kit and rescue mode. I even created partition for EFI.. type ef or something. (FAT 16)... If I start with the installation in the way that I go into the EFI shell and cd to fs0, where I type elilo linux... system reads the CD but freezes at the GUI were you have to choose the language.
So basicaly I am stuck. Need help. Please.
Regards, Tomaz
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Re: problems with the installation of Debian


Looks like the systems does not recognize the hard disk controller, the driver can be specified during install.Raid drivers generally can be downloaded from vendor site and then copied over on floppy.


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Re: problems with the installation of Debian

I've already configured disks as mirror. If I launch EFI shell I can see the disk partitions as blk1 and so on... fs0 is cdrom. If I use the command "map" I can see the partitions too.
The probem occures when I start the installation and during it.