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"Launching /stand/vmunix" freezes

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Re: "Launching /stand/vmunix" freezes



I am facing the same problem.


I tried the conconfig 2 primary. And now all my display is on 'COM' port (serial)


I am working on RX1620 machine.

I need to make the display the same on both the MP LAN and the serial connection (as I am familiar to on the the RX and RP servers I worked on before, 4000 series)


But as I see, I only have to chose between one of them to show me the output of CO.


Is there any way I can have this on this machine?


Also, I have another weird problem: In my serial console connection, I cannot see the MP page, it's directly in the CO output, and when I try to CTRL+B, it doesn't do anything. I have tried it on a new board also, same thing!

However, I can connect normally via the DB25 (console/UPS/remote) serial port.

Any help in these issues would be appreciated. :)


Thank you! 

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Re: "Launching /stand/vmunix" freezes

The 25 pin serial connector with a "M" or "W" cable provides MP console, UPS and modem connectors.

This is what you need to use.

The 9pin serial connector below can provide console, but it is not a part of the MP - hence no MP access!

Hope this helps!

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Re: "Launching /stand/vmunix" freezes

Thanks heaps for this - an oldie but a goodie, caught us out today :)

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Re: "Launching /stand/vmunix" freezes

well, when you are at below stage, just interrupt and type  "boot vmunix -vga"  .. no need to go through all menus

Press Any Key to interrupt Autoboot
\EFI\HPUX\AUTO ==> boot vmunix
Seconds left till autoboot - 9