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raid menu on 8640


raid menu on 8640



i have a 8640 and installed "raid controller A9890A HP smart array 6402" on it.

in OS "hpux" i raid my hards but at boot process I can't see raid menu.

how can i find the raid menu at boot process????


please help

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Re: raid menu on 8640

I assume you have an rx8640 and can get to the EFI Shell from the partition console?  OK, then....



List and Identify the controller, by its DRV ID (driver ID) using the drivers command:

Shell> drivers

Use the drvcfg utility to access and manage the controller using the driver ID obtained from the previous step.

Shell> drvcfg –s 20

You should now see a screen where you can manage the Adapter and its RAID properties.




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Re: raid menu on 8640

thanks. i know those commands for EFI shell, but in another RX8640 i see prompt for entering "F8" key and next classic RAID MENU will display.

i want to know how can i active this menu or entering it. !?!?!?!?!?

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Re: raid menu on 8640

Not sure why you cannot see this "F8" message, but you can reach the same menu by performing the steps above ... drvcfg ... etc

Hope this helps!

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