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raid problem

Khalil Hesam

raid problem

Anyone knows what's the following problem and what I should do with it?

ext_bus 4 0/0/10/1/0/4/0 UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN PCI-X RAID (0e110046)
vmunix: CISS: RAID SA driver on hardware path 0/0/10/1/0/4/0 is being taken offline,
vmunix: reason code 0x1
vmunix: Reason codes:
vmunix: 0x01 = Initialization failed.
vmunix: 0x02 = Firmware crash.
vmunix: 0x05 = Download timeout.
vmunix: 0x06 = Firmware initialization timeout.

Khalil Hesam

Re: raid problem

forgot to add that the server is a rx8620 with just one partition, one Core I/O, 4 fully load cellboards, two hard drives on a raid 0 and HPUX 11.23 v2

I got no errors or warnings in the MP an no other warnings or errors on the OS. when this failure happens, one of the hard disks turns off and the other continues working.. after sometime everything gets back to normal and the 2nd hard disk starts working as nothing has happened.
Honored Contributor

Re: raid problem


it looks like either this internal raid card is duff and needs replacing or the firmware on it could do with upgrading or reflashing.

good luck